Is Diet Soda bad for you and do we gain weight from it?

Hey, How are you guys?

Well, do you like Diet soda, let me know in the comments below.

Personally, I don’t like it that much.

Do you think Diet soda is good for you because it’s sugar-free and they are zero or low in calories and the most interesting question do we gain weight from it?


Today let’s talk about this.


So what is a Diet soda?


Diet soda or Diet Coke is a sugar-free, artificially flavored low-calorie drink which means it is a lite version of regular soda. Some studies say that these drinks won’t make you fat because they are very low in Calories.

Okay I know that’s why they say it Diet Soda.

Okay, let’s assume that it won’t make you fat but at the same time is it good for your health?

Diet soda contains Carbonated water, artificial sweeteners and colors and other additives. The artificial sweeteners and colors are not good for your health because of the used acids and other compounds in it.

Here are some of the Health Problems that has been noticed by the people who drink Diet soda every day:

  • Development of Type 2 Diabetes and Heart disease


Well, its true that Diet soda is sugarless but the artificial flavors that they use contains a herbal sweetener called Stevia which is 40 times more sweeter than regular sugar which builds disease like Type 2 Diabetes (Effects – Pancreas can’t able to develop enough insulins for your body) and heart disease due to increase in Blood pressure.

Then how can we say that Diet soda is sugar-free!


  • Increase in the risk of Kidney health

Some research says that intake of Diet soda more than a 3-4 glass per day develops kidney risks because of the high amount of a load of phosphorus compounds on kidney causing acid load on kidneys. It is also said that you may also develop Kidney stones too.


  • Development of GOLDEN Teeth

Do you have Golden teeth?



No, I’m not meant to this!

Another effect of intake of excess Diet soda is that it can make your teeth yellowish and will steal your beautiful smile.


Like the regular one, Diet soda also have high acidic pH levels and other acids like citric and malic which can destroy the enamels and help develop cavities on your teeth.

So, Is Diet Soda is good for you?


A Big No!


Consumption of Diet soda in a moderate way is acceptable.


Now, here comes the final question..

Do we gain weight by drinking Diet Soda?

Maybe No but at the same time, you won’t lose any pounds too but more research may come ahead that may answer this question.

Personally I think, it may put on some fat in your body because of the compound called Stevia which is 40 times more sweeter than regular sugar but one thing that holds me back on this thinking is that Stevia is very less or zero in calories too, anyway there is no such evidence has been came up regarding weight gain until now, let’s wait for it.

What do you think does Diet Soda really gain weight in your body? 

Let me know in the Comment section below.


Okay, that’s it for today!

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Have an awesome day!





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