Asus VivoBook S – A notebook on which you can rely on! #BeyondTheEdge #AsusIndia

Are you planning to buy a new laptop?

Not a common one, which is only good for mailing and surfing. The laptop on which you can actually rely on, i.e. the notebook on which you can do your any type of work like a pro!

Well, I will prefer ASUS Vivobook S for me because working on this awesome laptop will take my creativity to a whole new level. Let me explain you how?

The KEY Features of this laptop?



The key features that I love to mention are:

  • It’s full view Display
  • Battery Backup
  • Performance
  • FingerPrint Sensor & other cool stuff
  • Light Weight


VivoBook S Wide View Display


While buying a laptop we look after a good wide view display for the better viewing experience, isn’t it?

Well, my laptop has 15.6-inch display including its large bezels which totally ruin the viewing experience. On the other side, Vivobook S has 7.8mm Nano-Edge bezels with 80% screen to body ratio and an AntiGlare Technology which will give you a true larger viewing experience whether you are watching any movies or Youtube Videos.

From the below picture you can clearly see the difference in the viewing quality with the nano edge bezels the screen looks more bigger and wider and in my laptop i.e. normal bezels give you a normal viewing experience.


VivoBook S also gives you 178 Degree Wide Angle Display and on my laptop there is nothing just a flat display.


Massive Battery Backup

A battery is a part in which we can’t compromise we expect our laptop should have good battery backup.

Asus claims that VivoBook S charges 60% within 49 min. with 8 hrs Battery Life which will help me to keep my work going on without any interruption and the VivoBook S battery also provides 3x more battery Lifespan with the help of its Healthy Charging Technology.


That’s so cool!

My laptop can standby up to 2 hours only. After that, I have to keep looking for my charger in order to keep my laptop powered.

Oh shit! My battery is now low again, Where’s my charger?

Performs like a Beast


Well, actually I’m not a Gamer, I’m a Programmer and I expect my laptop to be good enough to handle my High-end softwares like Android Studio and other software smooth like a butter.

Thanks to the Asus VivoBook S is powered by Intel Core i7 Processor 7th Gen coupled with 16GB of RAM and 256GB SSD for faster data browsing which turns out to be a great package and on the other side my laptop is powered by AMD A8 coupled with 4GB RAM which makes my laptop hot like a fire and slow like a snail to handle my high-end software stuff.

Let’s talk about its Graphics Performance


If you like playing Games (not an ordinary one) like GTA 5, PUBG, Assasins Creed you will need a good set of Graphic Card. So, to get amazing gaming experience VivoBook S provides you an NVIDIA GeForce 940MX Graphic Card which can truly change the whole gaming experience and can play 4k videos smooth like a butter and on my laptop there is only basic Intel HD Graphics on which I can hardly play some low graphics games like GTA Vice City, San Andreas and 4k Videos buffers easily.

FingerPrint & other Cool Stuff

  • Fingerprint Sensor


What a great addon Asus!

Now with a touch, I can access my computer easily and protect my data too and on the other side, I have to enter my long password again and again every time I try to access my laptop.

That’s really time-consuming!

  • Backlit Keyboard


Backlit Keyboard is an awesome feature in this laptop and on my current laptop, I don’t have one. With VivoBook S, I can do my work even there is no light in the room.

  • Impressive Audio Output


Here Asus provides Dual Speakers which can give good audio boost output and I think there is no need for external speakers while watching movies. On another universe my laptop contains a single speaker and I have to connect external speakers for better audio output.

  • Cool as Ice


Don’t forget the VivoBook S IceCool Technology which keeps the laptop cool even after the hours of usage and on the flip side sometimes my laptop gets hot so much that I feel like ironing my clothes with it.

Light Weight


Who wants the lightest laptop, so that you can carry it easily everywhere you go!

VivoBook S laptop is 17.99mm thin which can easily fit in my bag and weighs just 1.5kg and my laptop weighs around 2.19kg which is twice more than the VivoBook S.

Well, everyone prefers lightest and slim laptop so that they can carry along with them while traveling and I think VivoBook S is one of laptop that you can prefer.

That’s it for this article! But there is much more cool stuff available in this laptop but I preferred to highlight the important one. VivoBook S laptop beats every aspect of my laptop easily. So that’s why I can say I can rely on this laptop for my any type of work.

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