Gallery is not showing Images and Videos in Android? How to fix it!

Hey, How you doing?

You may be encountered with this problem at least once in your life that all the images and videos from the Gallery are suddenly boomed!


That means your images and videos are not showing upon Gallery. Well, you may be thinking that it’s a serious snag and all the images and other files may be corrupted, but it actually not.

This is a common issue for all Android users. Android OS store the thumbnail into the cache folder of Phone memory so that there is no need for the system to look into the original one of the image each time you open.

Why this type of problem arise?

  • Your phone memory is running out of storage.
  • You may accidentally deleted the thumbnail folder.
  • Just happens –don’t know–


So, how you can solve this problem?


Download this app from here or here on your Android Phone. This app will help you to repair this problem. This app will scan your internal and external storage and update the media storage information accordingly.

Scanning time may vary depending upon the total volume of your files




All you need to do is select the desired type of file i.e. image, music, video, etc that you want to be scanned using checkbox and then finally hit the START MEDIASCAN button to start scanning.


Your scanning should start now



After completion of scanning, just have a look at your Gallery and check that your images and videos are now visible or not.

If yes, your problem has been solved, Good!

If not, keep reading…


If images are not still showing up in your Gallery just go back to the app and hit the MEDIA STORAGE button which can be found at the bottom of the screen (see the picture). After clicking the app it will take you to its App info page.





Now in App info page just clear the data of the app by hitting CLEAR DATA button or in other words, you will have to clear the data of app. This will make the app to fresh start from the beginning.


Now, after clearing the data repeat the 2 and 3 steps again to start the Media Scanning Process. Your scanning should start now without any problem and after the completion of scanning all of your images and videos should show up on Gallery.



By chance, even this trick didn’t work too just follow these steps:

  • Go to File Explorer->Android->data->(find the appropriate package name of your Gallery, mine is or it should be )
  • Delete that folder ( on both storage i.e. internal or external
  • Now Go to App info page of the Gallery app like this Settings->Apps/ Application Manager-> find the Gallery App and open it-> Click on clear data
  • Now switch off your device wait for few minutes and then switch back On the device and after a few minutes check back the Gallery your cool images and videos should be there.



That’s it! Hope this article helped you, readers.

See you later!


Icons made by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed by  Creative Commons BY 3.0

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