How to convert PDF Files to Word, Excel or PowerPoint Files

Do you have many PDF files and want to convert it into Word, Excel or Powerpoint files, so that you can modify it later using the popular Microsoft software i.e. MS Office.

Well you can read my previous post on How to install MS Office on your computer
if you don’t have one!

So, I guess we are talking about the pdf conversion thing, right!

While sending or printing the files that we create using MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint are usually converted into PDF Format because pdf files can be viewed on any device i.e. mac, windows, android, etc and they can be protected using a password.

Now let’s look on how to convert the PDF file into the desired format.


Head over to this website called pdftoWord on your computer.


Select the desired file format that you have to convert from the drop-down list (i.e. PDF Format) and select the file format that you want it to be converted (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) like this:



Now Upload the pdf file or any file that you want to convert and then enter your email id in the box so that they can send the converted file directly to your inbox.



Final step…

Hit the Convert Now Button to Begin the conversion process.


That’s it! Sit back and relax until your converted file will arrive in your inbox.

If you want…

You can also vice versa the conversions i.e. you can also convert the Word File or any other file to PDF file.

Well, l hope this article will help you in any way. If it helped you anyway please do share this article with your friends and enemies whoever you know and if not then also share it.

See you in the next one. Have a great weekend.




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