Top 7 Ways to earn money online by just listening to Audio

Hey, What’s going on?

Do you love music?

Personally, I love listening music!


Every Single Day we hear different songs, but what if I can say you will be paid for doing so. 

Sounds cool, right!

Today, we will talk about on how to earn money online just by listening to music and audio files.

Let’s dive in..

1. Slice the Pie


It is the largest paid review site where your task is to review the songs and you will be paid for that.

All you need to do is listen to the available song and give a short review on it.

That’s it!

You can review songs, fashion items, commercials, etc on this website. The amount of money you can earn per review depends upon your star rating. The more rating you have the more you can earn. Your rating depends upon the quality review you provide.

You can earn up to 4-5 cents per review, if you have a Gold ranking you can earn up to 15 cents per review.

Payments are made through Paypal.

You can apply here.


2. Music Xray


Here all you need to do is to just listen to the music and you will get paid for that.

That’s it!

You can earn up to 0.10-0.20$ per song you listen.

Now you may thinking that it is better than Slice the pie

Actually no, it is true that you will be paid more as compared to slice the pie but the availability of songs is very less compared to slice the pie.

You will get around 2-3 songs to listen per day or sometimes not even that.

Anyhow, you can able to earn some little extra cash, which can buy you a Starbucks coffee.

Apply here.


3. Transcribe Me


Now if you are serious and want to earn some real cash, then I recommend you to look into this website.

Here your job is to listen the provided audio and video files and convert them into high-quality text. That’s it!

High-quality text means No grammatical and punctuation mistakes, they will provide you a style-guide book which will help you in that.

You will need to pass an entrance exam to start earning.

You will be paid up to 20$ or even more for per audio file you transcribe. You can earn an average of extra 250$ per month. Top transcribers are earning up to 2,200$ per month. Payment are made weekly through Paypal.

You can apply here.


4. Rev

Here your job is same as mentioned above, you will have to convert audio files to text. Availability of audio files is high on this website. If you want you can also caption the provided video by applying as a Captioner.

Here also you will have to pass an online test to get approved.

There are 4 Openings available i.e. Transcriptionist, Captioner, Subtitler, Translator.

Payment rate of each job is given below

Transcriptionist  – 0.40$ – 0.65$ per audio minute

Captioner             – 0.40$ – 0.75$ per video minute

Subtitler               – 5$ – 8$ per video minute

Translator            – 0.05$ – 0.07$ per word

Every Payment is made via Paypal.

You can Apply here.


5. Upwork

I think no introduction is needed here, you may already know about this site.

By doing some little search on this website, you may get transcription jobs here too. If you have a good profile rating, you may win a job quickly.

If your main intention is to do transcription job (audio to text) then I will not recommend you to try your luck here. Anyhow, I just thought to add it to this list. You can try other sites that I mentioned above and below.

You can check out this website here.


6. PeoplePerHour

Another site which is similar to Upwork, you can also find transcription jobs here. Just search for “Transcription Jobs” in the search box to get the available jobs.

Payment may vary depending upon the type of job.

Payments are made through Paypal, Payoneer and BANK transfer.

You can apply here.


7. Casting Words


Another US-based company which offers you to do transcription jobs for them. They will pay you 1$ per audio minute. Pay will vary depending upon your profile grade.

Payments are made through Paypal.

They do not provide jobs for some US States one of them are Rhode Island.

You can apply for this job here. No prior experience needed.


8. Go Transcript

You can try your luck here, they say that they have plenty of transcription jobs available for you. A well genuine trusted site which pays up to 0.60$ per audio or video minute.

Good enough!

Payments are made through Paypal and Payoneer.

Well, I will recommend you to try this site if you are looking for transcription jobs. They provide work opportunities worldwide.

You can apply here.


Well, that’s it for today, let me know which one have you signed up for. If you liked this post please subscribe to my blog here and share it or repin it if you are reading it from Pinterest.

Have an awesome day!

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  1. Slice the Pie’s payout is not as good as it used to be. They only pay between 1 to 2 cents per review for entry level reviewers.


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