4 best WhatsApp Tricks you should Try

Hey, What’s going on?

Today, We will talk about the 3 best tricks of the most popular social media app WhatsApp. Nowadays, there are over billions of WhatsApp users in the entire world. But do you know there are some tricks with the help of which you can take your Whatsapp using experience to a next level.

So, further no more wasting a single minute, let’s get started.

1. Chat with anyone without Going Online

In some situation, you don’t want to know your one of your friend that you are online or don’t want to reply his annoying text message but at the same time you also want to chat with other person or you want to send something important message to your other friend.

So, is it possible to send or reply to a message to a person without entering WhatsApp?

Well, there’s an app available called Chat Offline, this app will help you to send and read WhatsApp messages without appearing online and your last seen will also not get changed.



Seems to be interesting right!

Personally, I also use this app, and I will recommend you to give it a try. All you need to do is to allow two permissions.

And yeah the best thing I liked about this app is that rooted phone is not required to run this app.

You can download this app here.

2. Send Images without reducing its quality.

You may already know that WhatsApp reduces the quality of the image by compressing it and at the end, you will receive a low-quality image rather than high-quality original image.

So, here is a workaround for this problem

All you need to do is Go to File Manager, Explorer whatever you have, find the image that you want to send and change the extension of that image from jpeg, png, etc to .txt by renaming it.

myimage.jpeg to myimage.txt

Your next step will be to send that converted txt file via WhatsApp to your friend.

After that tell your friend to reconvert that received txt file to jpeg format by renaming it again.

myimage.txt to myimage.jpeg

With this method, your image quality will not be compressed and decreased.

Most people still use the email system to send images but they are little bit slow and lengthy process.

3. Join Groups of your Interest.

Do you want to join various WhatsApp Public Group of your interest?

You can do that with the help of the app WhatsGroups.

This app allows you to browse through more than 35000 WorldWide Groups with over 22 Categories like science, jokes, health, adult, etc. You can join many groups as you wish.

This app may contain adult content

If you are a Youtuber, then you can check out the Youtube Community or Help groups.

Download this app here.

4. Auto-reply to your Friends Message when you are Offline.

Sometimes there may be a moment when you can’t access your smartphone because you are attending any lectures or you are busy with your work and one of your friends is messaging you but you can’t able to reply to this message. Then WhatReply app will act as an assistant for you.

All you need to do is to pre-set a message in this app and then after that whenever your friend messages you, this app will auto-reply to his message if you are offline at that time.

Sounds cool, right! 

Key points to note:

  • Internet connection may require to run this app.
  • Disable WhatReply for Group so that it doesn’t send your message to every group.


You can get this app here.


So, that’s it for today, if you liked this post please comment down below it will inspire me to keep writing 

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Take Care and Bye!



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