How to Recover Deleted Files from your Computer

Hey, What’s going on?

Looks like you had a great weekend. So today let’s talk about on how you can recover your deleted file.

Oh! You deleted an important file. No worry, you can restore it from Recycle Bin.

Did you able find that file there?

No, then keep reading..

If yes, then that’s really nice but please keep reading this blog it might help you in future.

I think you have permanently deleted that file even from Recycle Bin too or deleted the file using the Shift+delete key.

That’s really frustrating, at the end now you may be doing many Google searches to solve this problem and end up with 1000’s of results which can be really confusing.

Is it really possible to recover a deleted file?

Yes, you can unless it has been too long since it has been deleted.

Files that you delete actually doesn’t get deleted from the system, it just gets hidden in the background so that the new file can overwrite with the hidden file.

How to?


1. First of all, stop using your computer i.e. don’t download any file, install software or move any file on the computer. By doing so, there may be chances the deleted file will get overwritten and will get disappeared forever and the file will never be recovered.

2. Make sure to have a look into your Recycle bin, you may find your deleted file if you have any luck.


If not.

—keep reading—

—keep reading—

—keep reading—

You will have to download a File Recovery Software called Recuva which will help you to recover your deleted file.


You can also try other Data recovery software like Ease US Data Recovery Software, Stellar Data Recovery (this one is paid)

3. This tool will scan the selected drive and list the deleted files that can be recovered.

You may also have to deep scan in case the recovery tool fail to detect the deleted file.

Once the deleted file has been listed, click on Restore to restore the files.

4. Yeah! You have restored your deleted files successfully.


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