How to boost Testosterone level naturally

Hey, whats going on?

Today I will discuss on how you can boost testosterone levels in your body naturally.

First of all, let’s dive into some interesting info about testosterone.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone and has an important role in sperm production. This hormone helps to gain muscles in your body, burns body fats and also keep your mood energized and improves sleep quality too.

The normal testosterone range in the men’s body is about 270 to 1070 ng/dL and produce 6 mg per day.

After the age of 20, testosterone levels slowly decline. The healthiest man have testosterone levels ranging from 400-600 ng/dL

What if I have lower testosterone levels?

Lower Testosterone levels may affect your health conditions like low sex drive, muscle gains, energy, stamina and low mood. Some research also shows that you may also notice hair fall.

It’s best to increase testosterone levels naturally and please don’t go for any steroids or any other harmful drug, it will destroy your precious health completely.

So, here’s the question how to boost it naturally?

1. Lift Heavy Weights


The most important point of the list, head over to the gym lift some heavy weights by performing Squats, Deadlifts, Military Press, Pull-ups, etc.

Some research shows that weight-lifting guarantees to boost your testosterone levels and performing Legs workout will really help to boost your testosterone levels in your body.

So, never miss leg day

2. Keep your Mind Chill

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It is said that when you get stressed a lot, your body releases a high level of a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol and Sex hormone testosterone work against each other that means it will affect your testosterone production.

I know that it is not possible to keep your mind clam always, but you can control or reduce your stress and improve your sexual health by:

Exercising regularly, Quitting smoking, Avoiding too much alcohol and keeping a healthy diet.

You can try 1 glass of beer a day to relieve some of your daily stress, but not more than 2 Glass a day.

You can read my previous blog What will happen if you drink beer every day for more info.

3. Good Nutrition


Adding healthy fats to your diet of at least 50-70% will also help to boost your testosterone levels too.

Some research shows that consuming a diet which has less than 40% fats leads to decrease in testosterone levels.

Start adding healthy fats to your diet like Avocados, Meat, Egg york(the yellow part of the egg), Cheese, Raw nuts like almonds, coconut oil, Olive oil, etc.

To know more info on which food has healthy fats don’t forget to read this blog Best Foods to Gain Weight

4. Are you Overweight?


If you’re overweight, losing some excess weight of your body may help you to increase your testosterone levels in your body. According to the research, Overweight men are likely to have lower testosterone levels which lead to lower stamina or energy.

So, do some cardio exercise, lift some weights, and have a healthy diet. It will keep you energized throughout the day and active.
It’s good to avoid excess sugar and soda in your diet, they are the main reason for having extra fats in your body.

5. Sleep like a baby

Spongebob Squarepants Sleeping GIF-source

Always get a quality sleep for at least 8 hrs a day and Quality sleep means your sleep should not be interrupted by anything or by anyone between these 8 hrs.

Find a dark room and get a proper zzzz.

Sleeping for 6 hrs or less than that not only disturb your healthy lifecycle but also affect your sexual health by lowering testosterone levels.

So, that’s it for today hope you liked this blog and don’t forget to share and subscribe to my blog.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I have two sons who are young adults and I am really concerned about their lack of sleep. I will have to let them read this article. I don’t think they’d like to have falling hair and go bald this early in life.


  2. Our bodies need healthy fats to make hormones. Thanks for sharing this tips on how to naturally increase testosterone levels. A glass of beer a day is nice. 🙂


  3. This is a really informative article. I am sure these tips will help anyone out that are looking to boost their testosterone levels!


  4. Excellent advise on this topic. It is so important to eat well, exercise and keep healthy to help the body stay fit and productive.


  5. This post is very informative and I’m sure it will help many men who are looking to boost their testosterone. I think that healthy eating habits, exercise and sound sleep are the keys!


  6. i was doing some research on that as my best friend struggles with getting hormone levels in balance and these are some really great and logic tips. forwarding the article to him


  7. Ohhh…Maybe I should suggest to my husband that he works out? hehehe He is not very fit, he has a dad bod, but I love it! I really don’t want him buffed!


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