14 Ways to Make Money Online

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Ok, Today I will talk about on how you can make some extra cash from home. All you need is a High-speed Internet Connection, Desktop Computer or laptop whatever you have and it’s better to have a cup of chai or you can say tea with it.

In the past days, you may have googled on how to make money online which may have given you the number of results including the scam one which charges you some fees during registration and then allows you to work for them. It’s better to stay away from these type of websites.

Let’s look into the best legit Online jobs which actually pay you some real cash. Sounds good, right!

1. UserTesting

You may visit multiple websites a day and ever thought about how good it was and how bad it was?

Now you will be paid for sharing thoughts like this!

You will be given a website or an app, all you need to do is visit that given website or app and provide honest feedback like what did you like about the website, what did you dislike about by speaking aloud. While performing the test your computer screen will be recorded and your voice too with the help of the microphone.

Sounds simple, right!

They will pay you 10$(around ₹600) for every 20-minute test you complete. Payment is done via Paypal.

Before you start earning you will have to give one sample test so that they can make sure that you are eligible for this type of job.

Now may be thinking that you can make lots of money from it

No you can’t, but you can manage to pay some monthly bills!

A test will not be always available you will get around 2-3 tests every week depending on their requirements. You can check this website here.

All you need is a good internet connection, quiet room and a low-cost microphone which you can buy here.

2. Transcribe Me

Here you will be provided 5-10 min audio files, all you need to do is plug in the headphone listen to the provided audio files carefully and then write down what you hear.

You will have to follow their some grammatical rules and then you are good to go.

You can earn up to 20$ per audio hour, average monthly earning is up to 250$ depending upon the quality of the work you provide. You can check out this website here.

3. Leapforce

Sometimes when you do a Google search you may come across some creepy results which are not relevant to the keywords that you have searched. Yeah that happens sometime when they update their algorithms.

So, have you heard about Search Engine Evaluator?

As a Search Engine Evaluator, your job is to fix the above problem by reviewing search results and rating them according to the requirements. This will improve the Google search results which are really important to them.


What are the requirements required?
To join Leapforce you must be at least 18 years old. You should have the high-speed internet connection and should have excellent web research skill and English fluency is required. You will also have to upload your CV or resume.

Yeah, I think you have great skills and you should try this job!

I’m not sure about how much money they pay, I have heard that they pay around 7$/ hour task completed. Apply here.

4. Lionbridge

This company is similar to Leapforce and they have different opening positions available. Simply go to this website and choose your country from Map and then you can see different job opportunities if available.



If openings are not available you can go back and check there again after few days, they post different new jobs opportunities every month. Payment will be revealed after the approval of the job.

5. Upwork

Have you heard about the word freelancer?

Yeah, Freelancer is a person who works as a writer, designer, editor, programmer, etc for an hour, day or even a month and gets paid for every task he completes.


At Upwork, you will find thousands of different works. Here it’s all about your profile, rating. Before starting the work you will need to be accepted by them. You can apply here. Payment amount depends upon the task that you complete.

6. Fiverr

The marketplace where you can sell your skills for 5$ which can be anything logo design, writing, editing, voice-overs and other tasks.

You will have to offer your services which are also called as GIGS. Most the people are making up to 1000$ per month.

that’s a lot of money even more than the traditional job salary!

You can apply here.

7. Shutterstock

You may be heard about this company. They buy and sell high-quality photos and videos.

If you are a good photographer and love to take pictures or have good video editing skills then this website can be the peanut butter for your bread. You can sell your Good pictures on this website.


They will pay you a good commission if someone buys your image. Payments are made via Paypal, Skrill and Bank Check.

Apply here.

8. Appen

Another alternative company of Leapforce and Lionbridge, you can try your luck here.

You may require a bank account to receive your payment.

9. ClixSense

Clixsense is a website where you can earn money by completing surveys, small tasks, offers, etc.

You can earn a good amount of extra cash every month which will help you to pay your bills. If you are trying to earn some decent cash, I will recommend you to go for it.

You can apply here.

10. Rev

This company provides you three different types of job i.e. Transcriptionist, Captioner, and Translator.

Transcriptionist – As I explained before, here also your job is to listen to the audio files and write down what you hear with proper grammar and you will be paid for that on Paypal.

Sound’s amazing right!

Captioner – Do you watch videos on Youtube, in some videos you may find captions


Yeah, like this one!

Here your job is to create captions for the provided video. All you need to do is listen to the audio file and type what you hear.

Previously, I also tried to apply for this role but they rejected me saying your grammar is too weak!

But you can try your luck!

TranslatorI think here explanation is not required, you may have already got the hint what type of work you will get here.

You will have to translate documents and captions from one language to other.

You can Apply here.

You can apply on any one of them at a time. You can’t work on all of these positions at a time. Every payment is made through Paypal.

11. Swagbucks

Here you can earn some decent money from various tasks like surveys, tasks, web researching, install the add-on, and more. Here your rewards are credited in the form of points or you can call it as SB Points.

There are various Payment option available like Flipkart, Amazon, Freecharge, Paypal GiftCard, etc. You can apply here.

Earning opportunities is very much low if you’re from India. Lots of earning features are not available for India.

12. Studypool

Do you like to earn money by just answering homework questions and by completing students assignments?


If you are a tutor and would love to solve others homework problems then you should definitely try this website. After you sign up as an online tutor, there will be various available questions listed on that select which one suits you best on which you think you can solve the problem. Then you will have to bid whatever desired amount you want. If you win the bid if will get paid the agreed amount if the solved problem meets the needs.

Payments are made via Paypal within 3 days. Some of the expert tutors out there earn up to $500 (around ₹30,000) per week on this website.

That’s a two-month salary for most of us.

You can apply here.

13. Megatypers

To earn money on this website all you need to do is to solve Captcha.

just like this


Here earning is decent, their payment rate starts from $0.45 per 1000 Captcha solved and it will go up to $1.5

Here you will need some good typing speed because every captcha should be filled within a particulars seconds. Payments are made via Paypal.

If you ask me this website is pretty good because you can improve your typing speed and another plus point is that you will be get paid for that.

Apply here.

All these websites is not like a get rich quick scheme it will take some time to pay off your hard work.

Hope you liked this post.

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    1. Yeah, every website and its details that you have mentioned in your video seems to be correct and informative. As you said, you can earn some real cash if you upload high-quality beautiful images and yes it’s true!


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