How to Boot from a CD or USB Device on any computer

If you are troubleshooting or installing Windows OS on your computer you may need to change the boot options to get your work done.

Our computer normally boots from its internal hardware, where the Operating system is stored. But sometimes we need to change the boot options of our computer to reinstall Windows OS or for some troubleshooting issues. We can change the boot options in our BIOS settings.

Change Boot order using BIOS in Windows

Note: The key required to enter the BIOS setting is different for the different computer, you can google it out to find for yours computer.

You can search like this “how to enter BIOS mode in hp laptop”

Below steps will show you how to enter BIOS mode in Windows 10 PC

Step 1: First of all you will need to restart your computer for that hold down the Shift key before clicking the Restart button of your computer.


Step 2: A moment after booting, a blue screen will appear with few options, among that options click Troubleshoot option


Step 3: In the next screen click UEFI Firmware Settings option and proceed.


Step 4: Now on this screen, it will ask you to restart to change the UEFI settings. So, click on Restart


Step 5: Now before proceeding further, make sure to check weather Legacy Support is enabled or not. To check that, press F10 or any key that is mentioned to enter BIOS Setup


Step 6: After entering BIOS setting click on System configuration tab to continue.


Step 7: In this tab click on Boot Options to continue.


Step 8: Now a new screen will appear, in that check weather LEGACY SUPPORT is enabled or not, if not just enable it and save all the settings.


Step 9: Now come back to the UEFI Settings and click Boot Device Option to continue.


Step 10: After entering Boot options menu select the bootable drive(CD or USB Drive) from the options. If you want to boot from a USB Drive choose USB-HDD instead and hit enter.


Now make sure that you have inserted your bootable CD or USB Drive in your computer

Now your computer should reboot. If asked press any key to boot from CD or USB Drive on your computer. Now your computer will boot from your bootable drive rather than the normal boot.

After booting, follow the On screen instructions to install Windows on your computer or for some troubleshooting issues.

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