Does going to gym really blocks height growth.

Who doesn’t like big biceps, wide chest and a muscular lean body, everyone has that dream and for that, you may probably join the gym at younger age (15-19) but at that point somehow anyone will tell you

Hey, why are you joining the gym so early do you know it will stop your height growth!

and then you may put your dumbells down and start thinking for a while is it true or it’s just a myth?

So first of all, your maximum height growth 60%-85% depends upon your genetics and rest of depends on your environment and nutrition, your height mostly stops growing at the average age of 18 years.

Performing chest, bicep, tricep. back, abs and hamstrings workouts directly or indirectly are not connected to your growth of your height even if you perform these workouts heavy.

But there will be some chances that your height may stop growing when you start performing over the shoulder workouts like Dumbbell Shoulder press, Barbell shoulder press, Squats, etc with extremely heavyweights.


Your height growth depends on your body spine and when you perform these types of workout with really big weights, with muscles there will be some stress on your spine too which may lead to compression of your spinal cord or spine which turns out to be slow growth of height.


You can perform other workouts like arms, chest, back, abs with heavy weights with no worries, just keep a note in mind that perform Over the head workouts like Dumbbell Shoulder press, Barbell shoulder press, Squats, etc with medium weights or less than that to prevent the spinal compression.

Now if anyone who says Joining gym at early age lifting weights can stop your height growth these are all myth. Just don’t listen to them, if you perform a workout with proper assistance and in a proper form same as I mentioned above then you are good to go.

There are also some exercise like skipping and pull-ups which will help to grow your height.

It’s best to join the gym at the age of 16 or above it.

So that’s it!
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