10 Mistakes you should avoid if you go to Gym

The time you dedicate to keep your body fit and healthy is precious. Get the most of your gym-going by avoiding these 10 mistakes.

Let’s start!

1. Never Skip Warm-up.

Walking into the Gym skipping the warm up and heading directly over to lifting weights, have you ever done that!
A warm-up is the most important part of our daily workout routine. Warm-up actually make our muscle groups ready for lifting heavy weights, loosens and heats up our body and prepare our mind for lifting weights.
You can do some stretching, push-ups and much more which will actually pump your heart and loosen your body so that you will be ready to lift some heavyweights.

Hindu Push-up (Suryanamaskar) is the best warm-up exercise you can perform because it overall stretches and loosens our body.

2. Don’t forget to drink water.

Drinking water is really important during your workout, water helps you to keep hydrated and stay active.
Take around 7-10 sips of water on every 10-20 minutes to stay properly hydrated.
During workout consuming less amount of water or no water at all may lead to running out of energy quickly and blacking out due to less amount of blood traveling to the brain. So don’t forget to drink water.

3. Take a rest after every sets.

Most people spend too much time chatting with their friends or using cell phones during exercise. To stay on track and to take the proper break between every set you can use a stopwatch to set a timer to beep when it’s time to lift the weights again.
You can take rest of up to 25-30 seconds after every sets. But it depends on what type of workout you are doing. If your workout includes heavy lifting, strength training you can take rest of up to 1 minute after every set so that your body will recover much energy and you will ready for more action.

4. Maintain your Diet.


By working out regularly you will not get a proper muscular body you will also have to monitor your daily eating habits. You walk into the gym regularly and lift some heavy weights and workout very hard and after the gym, you are having some high-calorie foods all the day, this will not going to work. At the end of the day, you have consumed lots of high calories which may lead to dirty bulking and having a layer of fats on your muscles which will make your body look unshaped.

Your actual muscle building depends on the combination of your diet and exercise which is 80% diet and 20% workout.

You can make a proper diet plan depending on your daily calorie intake. You can calculate your daily calorie here.

5. What if you get Muscle Cramps during the workout.

You are doing your workout like crazy lifting heavy weights and suddenly you get a tight, pinching muscle pain yeah that’s the Muscle Cramp that you have got, which is pretty painful and will give you shrill halt of up to 1 week depending upon the type of cramp that you have got.
If you ever get a muscle cramp you can try this:
  • “Stop the movement that caused it, breathe deeply, and lightly massage the area. Be patient and try to remain calm”, suggested by Kate Bishop (Personal Trainer at Find Your Trainer).
  • Use a warm towel or heating pad on tense or tight muscles.
To avoid muscle cramps in future:
  • Train appropriately.
  • Drink enough water to prevent dehydration.
  • Go for salty foods or sodium-rich products.
  • Prevent carbohydrate depletion by consuming high carbs foods like rice, beans, bread, etc.

6. Spending too much time in Gym.

Are you spending too many hours in the gym for more than an hour? Do you think you will get more muscles if you workout more? Well, that’s not true more exercise are not necessarily beneficial.
You can finish your workout within an hour if you take the proper break by avoiding chatting during the workout. This will help you to keep your body warm and pumped.
When I first started I used to spend up to 35-40 minutes and be out, but now I used to lift more heavyweights so I take a little bit of more rest after every set. My average now is about 1 hour.
Spending too much hour in a gym will result in laziness, moodiness and sleep disturbance, etc.

7. Which one? Cardio or Weights.

When your only motive is to lose weight then you may be more focused on cardio activities like wearing a fitness tracker and running for a mile every early morning or cycling.
Do you feel that you have lost much weight but the skinny fat is still holding on your body, yeah that’s really disappointing. Cardio training will help you to only shrink your body or lose some weights of your body but it will still leave you with a soft and unshaped body.
To overcome these problems you have to gain some muscles on our body so that your unshaped body turns out to be a sexy athletic body. To gain muscles you have to lift some weights for that instead of running on the roads or on the treadmill you have to go to the gym and do some strength training.
Strength training is the perfect complement to cardiovascular exercise. Strength training helps you to maintain your body muscles. Increased muscles will boost your resting muscle rate and will help your body develop more strength.

8. Workout in a proper form.

If you train with weights or with any equipment in a bad form, you will hurt yourself and you will not get any muscle gain at the end of the month if you continue the same. And if you do it repeatedly there will be chances you may get injured and then you might be on the disabled list for a while.
Whatever type of workout you do whether it’s bench press or bicep curls do it in proper form. If you are confused on how to perform an exercise in a proper form you can ask your trainer or it’s better to workout with your friend so that you can assist each other and you can also watch videos of workout on youtube.

9. Don’t hold your breath.

It’s important to breathe correctly while performing a particular workout. Improper breathing like holding breath, shallow breathing, breathing quickly, breathing too deeply and inhaling and exhaling at an incorrect time all these things may lead to affect on your movements, coordination and on the muscles.
When you workout your heart beats much faster than usual and your working muscles require more oxygen so in that situation if you do incorrect breathing it may cause dizziness or headaches.
The correct way to breath is to exhale when you push weights away from your body and inhale when pulling the weights towards your body.

10. Get a proper Sleep.

Do you hit the gym and workout regularly? then it is very important that you have getting sleep for minimum 8 hours. Sleep repairs your body, promotes muscle building hormones and relaxes your body so that you can perform a better workout in the next morning.
Not getting enough sleep will lead to poor muscle development because you are not giving a chance to your body to recover.

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